Smoothie blenders

Smoothie blenders are a type of blender specifically designed to make smoothies and other beverages. Often times a smoothie blender has a spigot to deliver that fresh fruit smoothie or maybe green smoothie straight into the glass, without ever having to remove the blender from the base. The best smoothie blender is often a matter a preference depending on the blending job you have at hand. Many of these blenders are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 20-ounce smoothie blenders to 96-ounce blenders.

The blenders can come with multiple speeds, pulse features, and preset blending options for your every day blending tasks. Features like these are handy when it comes to making fresh fruit smoothies, as the pulse feature can dice the fruit into smaller pieces or an automated ice crushing preset can make sure your smoothie is as smooth as you want it with out the rocky ice chunks. Expect to pay a little more if you are looking for all of the bells and whistles, but if you find yourself making smoothies on a fairly regular basis, you will find the right blender can be the perfect kitchen appliance for healthy living or even entertaining.

How to choose a right smoothie blender?

Smoothies are meant to be consistent and thick, to be relished. None will want chunks of fruits, or veggies, or ice cubes coming into their mouth while drinking them. To be able to achieve this, Smoothie Blenders should be chosen with care. A minimum power capacity of 500 Watts or more would be ideal for Smoothies. The motor should have enough power to blend ice cubes, frozen fruits or vegetables, berries along with tofu, or yoghurt to be blended well after pureeing. This is best achieved with a powerful motor, so one can savor a smoothie without being disturbed!